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Africa’s Youngest Commercial Pilots

FBF: Meet Kalenga Kamwendo and Besa Mumba, the youngest commercial pilots in Africa.  Kalenga was just 19 years old when he became Zambia’s youngest pilot. In an exclusive interview African celebs,  Kalenga Kamwendo, the youngest pilot in Africa told us about how it all started and some amazing events that he has coming up. African celebs: Please introduce yourself? KK: My name is Kalenga Kamwendo, I’m a 22 year old Zambian youth. I’m a commercial pilot working with Proflight Zambia on the British aerospace jetstream 3200 series. African celebs: Where are you from and why did you start? KK: I started because of passion; that should always be the driving force...

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Besa Mumba: Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot

TBT: Meet 19 year-old Besa Mumba, Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot. Besa was born on 9th December 1996.  She  began her training with the Charlie 152 and then onto the Charlie 172 plane . After that she moved on to complex training, the Charlie 172 plane retractable to which she got her caravan rating when I got my commercial pilot license. Besa then went to get advanced training at semi flight  in South Africa. Upon her return to Zambia, she was offered a job with pro flight Zambia. Besa says  ”I’m so happy to be at the proflight my experience has been...

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Stephanie Linus Inspires Young College Students At Dillard University, New Orleans USA

Celebrities Impacting the World: When Nollywood Actress, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur  Stephanie Linus decided to be a filmmaker, she wanted to tell stories that would challenge people to see the world around them differently; stories that would cause her viewers to challenge negative stereotypes about them; stories that would address societal problems and encourage a positive change. “You have the power to change the narrative of every wrong representation of who you think you are,” the award-winning actress told a group of young college students at Dillard University in New Orleans recently. “There is so much you can achieve by...

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Favour Odozor, Graduates as Youngest Commercial Licence Pilot

THROWBACK: A 20-year-old Nigerian, Favour Odozor, has emerged as the youngest with the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) in both Nigeria and South Africa.  Mr. Odozor  (now 23) graduated alongside 15 other trained pilots at the Afrika Union Aviation Academy (AUAA), Mafikeng, South Africa  was described as the new hope of the African aviation industry. Capt. Allan Roebuck, Director of AUAA confirmed that Mr. Odozor completed all the 37 flying procedures in record time.   ‘Today, I can say he is the youngest commercial licence pilot in both Nigeria and South Africa.  “I cannot say now if he is the...

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UNCTAD Adviser, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, launches African Young Entrepreneurs Fund

Empowering Young African Entrepreneurs: UNCTAD adviser, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, has launched $10 million African Young Entrepreneurs Fund The Founder of Alibaba and Group Special Adviser to UNCTAD for Youth Entrepreneurship & Small Business was recently in Kenya recently accompanied by 38 fellow billionaires. “I want that fund supporting African online businesses,”… The money is set. This is my money, so I don’t have to get anybody’s approval,” Jack Ma    UNCTAD adviser, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, has launched $10 million African Young Entrepreneurs Fund. He announced the good news  during the Youth Connekt Africa Summit co-hosted by UNCTAD and the Government of Rwanda….Visit...

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