Lake Retba of Senegal is pink in colorPink lakeLake Retba is pink because of its high mineral content that generates a chemical reaction with the high salt content and because it has so much salt, everything on the water floats. It’s a great place to teach people to swim because you will not sink. Retba can change to a violet or mauve color after the sun goes down. Surprisingly just a few yards¬†from the salty lake is pure fresh water where fish and frogs happily swim around in the fresh water – not affected at all by the salty lake nearby.
There are 8 Pink Lakes in the world!

(Others believe there are 10, however this has been disputed.)Lake Retba (Senegal), Hutt Lagoon (Australia), Pink Lake (Australia), Lake Hillier (Australia), Salina de Torrevieja (Spain), Dusty Rose Lake (Canada), Masazirgol or Masazir Lake (Azerbaijan) and Quairading Pink Lake (Australia)

Photo Credit: World Edu/Pinterest