Trump Travel Ban Update: President Trump’s new travel ban will no longer affect citizens from Sudan. Countries affected by the new travel restrictions are: Somalia, Syria, Libya,Yemen, North Korea,Venezuela, Chad and Iran.

The ban takes effect from 18th October 2017

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MARCH 7th 2017: Immigration And refugees: President Trump’s new travel ban goes into effect in 10 days… Unlike the previous travel ban, the new travel ban which takes effect on 16th March 2017 excludes Iraq.

The 6 countries that will be affected by the new executive orders with their citizens being denied visas to the US are:

Syria (Refugee program will be suspended for 120 days )





and Somalia

President Trump’s new temporary travel ban will not affect those people who already have a visa.

The refugee program will be suspended for 120 days

Most undocumented or illegal immigrants in America are also worried that the ban will not only affect the above mentioned countries, but they might also face deportation…


The 3 African countries are: Libya, Chad and Somalia

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