Meet  Mary Spio, author of the new book, It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success, has launched three game-changing technologies — Boeing Digital Cinema, which changed the movie distribution industry; Gen2Media, which created the online TV platform for clients such as Coca Cola Company, Microsoft XBOX, Tribune News Company and more than 200 radio stations, and Next Galaxy Corp, a virtual reality(VR) content hub and maker of VR audio headphones.

Mary-Spio-How Women And Minorities Are Changing The Tech Game

Born in Syracuse, New York, to Ghanaian parents, Mary had humble beginnings growing up Ghana, West Africa. Mary didn’t see her first computer until she was 17, yet she went on to become a deep space engineer, designing and launching communication satellites. Mary is best known for creating and holding patents on the technology used to digitally release feature films. She is named alongside Oprah in the GRIO’s 100 History makers in the making.

Mary knows a thing or two about launching highly successful tech businesses, and not waiting for opportunities, but creating them. She shared this with me.

Mary Spio: At a recent tech conference, I saw something truly remarkable. Four of the 12 main speakers were women founders with companies valued at greater than $100 million. One of the companies was the home deco site Houzz, valued at $2.3 billion with a recent capital raise of $150 million by its co-founder. Another, Declara, had raised $16M at a $100 M valuation, while yet another, StyleSeat, a beauty appointments booking company, had completed a total of $14 million in funding. These, paired with the recent $3 billion dollar Apple acquisition of Beats by Dre and the $1.1billion acquisition of HopStop (created by Nigerian entrepreneur Chinedu Echuru), all speak to a shifting tide in what we had been taught in the early days of the tech entrepreneurship – namely, that VCs don’t invest big numbers in women or minorities…. Read more here

Source: Kathy Caprino Contributor/

Photo Credit: Mary Spio