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Tech Spotlight: How Women And Minorities Are Changing The Tech Game

TBT: Meet Mary Spio, author of  It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success, has launched three game-changing technologies — Boeing Digital Cinema, which changed the movie distribution industry; Gen2Media, which created the online TV platform for clients such as Coca Cola Company, Microsoft XBOX, Tribune News Company and more than 200 radio stations and more.   Mary Spio was born in Syracuse, New York, to Ghanaian parents, her parent then returned to Ghana after her dad’s studies. Mary had a very humble beginnings growing up Ghana, West Africa. Mary saw her first computer at the age of 17....

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Its Not Rocket Science: A book for Entrepreneurship

Happy World book day!  Q&A with a Ghanaian rocket scientist with down-to-earth advice. See how we are changing the world. Growing up in Ghana, Mary Spio didn’t know what an engineer was — but she was the kid who tore radios apart, always asking how they worked. When Spio was 16, her parents spent everything they had to send her to the United States for a better life. Her first job was at a McDonald’s, but after a while she found her way into the Air Force. “It was when I was in the Air Force that an engineer pulled...

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Remembering Former Prominent NPP Members Who Led The Way For Nana Akufo Addo

2016 Ghana Elections: Meet some of the NPP  (New Patriotic Party) patriotic citizens who paved the way for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo When an old man dies a library burns to the ground’ African proverb (Amadou Hampâté Bâ) En Afrique, quand un vieillard meurt, c’est une bibliothèque qui brûle.  The New Patriotic Party was founded by Bernard Jao Da Rocha, he became the  First National Chairman of  NPP. History maker Da Rocha was appointed as the first Ghanaian Director of the Ghana School of Law…. RIP: May 24, 1932 – February 23, 2010 Prominent lawyer and politician John Kwesi Bosu Spio, was born in...

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