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U.S. Embassy In Ghana Debunks Fake Stories About ‘Ghanaians Spending 30 Days In USA Without A Visa’

The U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana has debunked false and misleading stories stories that ”Ghanaians Can Now Spend Up-To 30 Days In USA Without A Visa” Jayne Howell, the Consul General (U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana) has clarified the fake ‘Ghana- U.S – 30 Days Visa Free Rumours circulating out there.  ‘The visa restrictions apply to ONLY Ghanaian executive and legislative branch employees and their spouses and children and domestic employees of Ghanaian diplomats” ~ Jayne Howell, For all those planning on traveling to the U.S. and wondering if they are affected by the visa ban or not, kindly watch the ‘Visa Restriction Clarification’ video below....

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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Van Vicker And Adjoa Vicker

As you celebrate another wonderful year together African Celebs wishes Van Vicker And Adjoa Vicker Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary.   Even though Most Celebrities usually become popular for the roles they play, how they look on-screen, at shows/events and this makes them easy targets for groupies !  Celebs have an extra responsibility to maintain their fans, this can be difficult for of them. Fortunately, not all Celebrities fall for that. We are always very proud and happy about the likes of Van Vicker who are setting good examples. Recommended Stories     Van Vicker took to his socials to share this beautiful message Photo credit:...

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Stripe Acquires Nigeria’s Paystack For $200M+ To Expand Into The African Continent

Congratulations are in order! On Thursday October 15, 2020, America’s greatest financial services and payment processor company, Stripe announced its acquisition of Nigeria’s online payment processor startup and technological company. Paystack is set to stretch its territories into the fastest-growing online business sector in the African continent and especially Nigeria. Reliable media sources have disclosed that Paystack was acquired worth $200 million to help increase the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of online shopping in Africa. A statement posted on the American software company’s website asserted that, Africa’s online economy is expanding rapidly which happens to grow past the global average...

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MC Hammer Schools Terry Crews and Silicon Valley Elites on Hip Hop and the Streets

 ‘Stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone.’ – Suzy Kassem In a leaked audio from the invite-only app Clubhouse Dinner Party by Felicia Horowitz, wife of Silicon Valley billionaire Ben Horowitz to celebrate Hip Hop and Technology, the discussion seemed to be going in the wrong direction, when MC hammer stepped in to set the record straight. When Terry Crews started to make fun of Suge Knight, Hammer quickly pointed that Suge defied the odds and built a $250 Million company in the hood, and not to denigrate him, especially in a discussion that...

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Africans In China: Coronavirus Discrimination..

Over the years, China and Africa have remained in great alliance politically and economically. As a result of the association between them, both parties have benefitted from its partnership through  education, trade and many more. However, this Covid-19 pandemic which officially surfaced in Wuhan, China and spread through more than 160 countries worldwide has created a lot of controversies and pain for lots of innocent Africans in China. China, had the highest recording cases during the early days of this virus and has now reportedly able to manage the situation and work around it through their total lockdowns. The...

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