Tanzanian Bongo Flava Diamond Platnumz Tanzanian has accused ex partner Zari Hassan of cheating on him with Nigerian celebrity.

During an interview on Wasafi FM this week, ‘A Boy From Tandale artist let out that the his ex had cheated on him with a popular Nigerian top celebrity while they were still together

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, he added that, Zari had allegedly also had a fling with her personal trainer.

Photo Credit: Zari Hassan

Diamond Platnumz stated that he had already forgiving Zari for any infelicity. He stated that even though they have a good relationship,  because of the nature of his work, as an artist was  travelling a lot for  concerts, events, shows, tours and more.

The distance starting taking a toll on their relationship, he add that the video calls wasn’t given him what he needed in a relationship and this led to being unfaithful at times.

Regarding his children with Zari he’s said

” had not  paid child support for his children who lived in South Africa for a few months as he felt that Zari was using the children to hurt him by denying him access.”

He however added that his mother Sanura Kasimu alais Sandra is still in communication with the kids

She said that he had not contacted his children from October 2018 and that he was not involved emotionally or financially in their lives.

Zari Hassan has denied all the allegations levelled at her by her ex Bongo musician Diamond Platnumz 

Fans have taken to social media with some ‘theories’ in response to Diamond Platnumz revelations

Some people believe is because Zari has a new man(post below) others say it has nothing to do that. Whatever it is we’re staying out!

We’re not taking any side. We love them both and praying things are resolved amicably.




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I've been there before and it still doesn't make any sense to me. Yea I am weak, I need to accept, Wana know why? I give my all. I build my men, I'm not the type that takes, I'm the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double or triple the blessings. With you I've learnt so much, I appreciate life itself because of your humbleness. I always imagined my forever but didnt have an idea what my forever looked like. 5 kids, other guys etc but you still found me the sexiest woman alive. Wooooo ain't I so blessed🙏. I love you so much Mr M, it's not the material things you shower me with, I've seen those and even bigger and better. But, its you, your heart, your whole being and how you make me and my kids feel. It takes alot of courage from YOU Mr M.. 5kids, 38, wow….. you Heaven sent babe, That said, I end here! I l you M😘

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Photo Credit: Zari Hassan