African tribe lost in India... African tribe lost in India.. African tribe lost -INDIA African tribe lost in India..Africans arrived in South Asia under various circumstances. A significant amount of South Asians of African descent can trace their arrival back to slavery. Others believe their origin is probably linked to the Portuguese colonization even though it is said that the people of Jambur were hired by the local lord as bodyguards. Today, there are notable people of African descent residing in Gujarat and Karnataka referred to as Sidis ‘They’re the lost tribes of Africa’. Most Afro-South Asians were born and raised in the region and as a result, consider it to be their home and place of orijin. They don’t marry outside their own group, they’ve preserved their distinctive African looks. Many of them have managed to maintain certain distinct cultural expressions and practices that are inherently African. Through their languages, religious beliefs and practices, music and dance forms. For example, Afro-Gujaratis have been presenting their music to the international world since 2002 and perform dhamal which they call goma, a word derived from the Swahili word ngoma meaning ‘drum’ and also ‘dance.’ While most Afro-South Asians accept and are proud to call the region their home, they are still very much aware of and celebrate their African orijin by holding on to their historical roots and culture.

Credit:BBC News/History