It’s been an amazing weekend in East Africa with one of East Africa’s top notch music icon Harmonize, joining forces with Ceek virtual reality platform on its mission to extending its territories in East Africa.

Beginning on Friday, June 18 in Tanzania, Harmonize’s motherland, the mission continued through to Sunday, June 20 in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The press conference and after party was hosted by Harmonize at B-Club in Nairobi.

Ceek’s partnership with Harmonize is yet another mouthwatering deal for the Konde Gang and East Africa.

Harmonize – JKIA Nairobi

The presence of Harmonize and his team in Nairobi activated appealing ambiance with impressive love shown by huge crowed in the city.

He was highly celebrated upon his arrival at the Nairobi airport on Saturday, June 18. Surrounded by huge media and fans, he briefly delivered his welcome address at the airport and also encouraged the press for their support.

Harmonize was showered with gifts from die-hard fans as well.

At the press conference in Nairobi, he talked about how excited he feels to be back in Kenyan, which he referred to the country as his second home. He further explained the opportunities his partnership with the streaming platform Ceek.

Harmonize is very exited about the Ceek Platform it allows artists to create premium and exclusive content for their super fans and for super fans to get closer to their artists than ever

Harmonize also hinted on his upcoming exclusive concerts and shows on Ceek as well as his new album to be released  in August.

One of the officials from Ceek, Mr Harold Ofori mentioned that the uniqueness of the Ceek platform that makes it different from other streaming platforms is the fact that they have integrated Momo Pay, MTN and are in the process of integrating MPESA

Mr Harold Ofori of Ceek – CEEK Partners With Harmonize press conference

, TIGOPESA and more to allow fans in east Africa to pay artist and make it easy to compensate artists.

Additionally, they have also incorporated cryptocurrency which ensures equal compensation for artists no matter where they are located in the world and that fans can also pay their favourite  artists using crypto and allow CEEK to pay artist with cryptocurrency

 ”A dollar in the US is the same as a dollar in the Tanzania, artists can charge what they want for their content no matter where they are located in the world.”


It was all glitz and glamour as the stunning Nigerian actress, film director and producer, Stephanie Linus, was unveiled as the new face of Gree AC on Tuesday, 15th June 2021.
Mrs. Linus was signed as the brand ambassador at an event graced by investors and business partners from Nigeria which took place at the Choice International Group headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos.
While giving her address, she expressed her delight, narrating her personal experience with Gree ACs over the last few years and testifying to the brand’s safety and durability.
“My experience with Gree is different,” she said. “It circulates effectively, it is health-friendly, and it cools like winter. I am also thrilled at how much the company pays attention to aesthetics.”

As the United Nations Population Fund Regional Ambassador for West and Central Africa, the newly-signed brand ambassador shared how she is particular about the environmental safety that Gree AC assures its users.

Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of Choice International Group, the sole distributor of Gree AC said that the new ambassador, beyond matching the brand’s standards, will take it to greater heights to compete fairly at the international level.

She also commended Nigeria for its great potential and revealed that her brand is focused on augmenting these potentials through capacity-building and massive empowerment projects.

Mrs. Linus remains committed to creating more awareness for the brand and enabling more people to understand the quality of Gree ACs.

The firm which jointly operates with the government of Botswana and renowned Anglo American diamond firm, De Beers group of companies found the diamond in one of its mining sites, Jwaneng which is about 75 miles away from Gaborone, the capital of Botswana in June 01, 2021.

Official presentation of the diamond to the president of the Republic of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi by the diamond company Debswana was made on Wednesday, June 16,2021.

According to the diamond firm’s acting managing director in the person of Lynette Armstrong, based on the analysis carried out by the firm, it’s been disclosed that the stone is the third largest to be mined in the world.

The huge gemstone is regarded as the largest to be mined by the company over five decades of its mining activities.

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It comes after the discovery of South Africa’s 3,106 carat Cullinan stone in 1905 and 1,109 carats Lesedi La Rona unearthed in Botswana by Lucara diamonds in 2015.

Government officials of the country have not yet disclosed its name and the proposed cost of the newly discovered world’s third largest diamond.

It was revealed in an official twitter account of the government that the income from the diamond will be used in a lot of developmental projects in the country since there has been economic retrogression since 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Source: Botswana News

First Jollof Festival in South Africa: Ghana tops, Nigeria Curates, Congo DR hosts — Africa wins

The Ghana-Nigeria Jollof Wars competition 2021 tagged #JollofWarsSouthAfrica was held at Karibu Wote Restaurant in Rivonia, Sandton, a place in South Africa’s largest city of Johannesburg. The Grand Prize winner was Florence Ansah of Ghana, she walked away with 8000 South African rands (R), the equivalent of about 560 US dollars.

Florence, who is based in Sunnyside, Pretoria became the winner of the first-ever Jollof Wars event in South Africa when she beat a field of four other chefs to win the grand-prize. In her own words, she said “I am grateful for participating in the competition and grateful to God for also being the winner and I thank the Ghana High Commission for allowing me to connect with the organizers.”JollofWarsSouthAfrica competing chefs pictured left to right are Jumoke Ojetimi of Nigeria, Phyllis Qua-enoo of Ghana, the winner Florence Ansah also of Ghana, and Nigeria’s Jemie Ugwujide

Prize money for the chefs was sponsored by MTN South Africa, a mobile telecommunications company, with Afroruby South Africa also sponsoring a gift. Other prize winners included Phyllis Qua Enoo, also a Ghanaian who won the runner-up prize of R6500 ($455.79) with Nigeria’s Jumoke Ojetimi coming in third place to win  R5500 ($385.61).

Side attractions that spiced up the event

Runaway attraction in the mold of a young eighteen-year-old celebrity chef named Jemie Ugwujide whose dish came in fourth despite participating only for the fun of it won many hearts. Another activity that added to the excitement of this premier event was the poem presented by co-organizer Maleshane Makhale about South Africa’s ‘Youth Day‘ which coincidentally fell on the day of the program — June 16 — also a public holiday in South Africa.2nd left is Elizabeth Anku — trade assistant from Trade Section of the Ghana High Commission in South Africa, 3rd left is Ambassador Hilda Hinidza-Ellun — Acting Ghana High Commissioner to South Africa, 2nd right is Phyllis Qua- Enoo — 1st runner-up, and extreme right is Adetunji Omotola — Co-Founder of African Solutions Express and #JollofWarsSouthAfrica Curator

Full marks go to David, of Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo DR) who sang his country’s national anthem with gusto and warmth, what made it peculiar was the fact that this was the only anthem sung in French.The South Africans in the room also harmonized their anthem which has multiple languages with great aplomb. The shortest anthem at the #JollofWarsSouthAfrica was the Nigerian anthem with its first stanza that ends with the words ‘peace and unity‘ bellowed out loud by Nigerians in the hall of the event venue Karibu Wote, which by the way is owned by a Congo DR national.For a second there, one could have mistaken this for a choral contest given all the singing that set the tone to electrify the venue. The event was graced by the presence of Madam Hilda Hinidza-Elluh, the Acting High Commissioner of Ghana to South Africa who was accompanied by the High Commission’s Trade Assistant Elizabeth Anku.2nd left is Elizabeth Anku — trade assistant from Trade Section of the Ghana High Commission in South Africa, 3rd left is Ambassador Hilda Hinidza-Ellun — Acting Ghana High Commissioner to South Africa, 2nd right is Phyllis Qua- Enoo — 1st runner-up, and extreme right is Adetunji Omotola — Co-Founder of African Solutions Express and #JollofWarsSouthAfrica Curator

By home advantage, most of the guests were South Africans, yet a chunk of the attendees was also from the Congo DR. Nigerians and Ghanaians present were also resplendent in their traditional attires, adding color and fashion with the colors of their dresses and shoes blending in with the multi-lingual conversations and well-garnished mouth-watering Jollof and other food items. African diversity was on full blast and well-displayed that day…

The winner is picked, the battle is ended, but the culinary war continues

Congo DR Chef Demolu and Palesa Ryan, a South African banker, were the two judges at hand for the event. As the chefs presented their dishes for judging the event went ahead with the exhibition of books, wines, and beers. The judges spent quite some time before establishing the best dish as the competition was quite stiff, making it hard for them to quickly conclude on which of the Jollof tasted better since they were all good.Besides Jollof rice, there was lunch also, which was provided by Karibu Wote. Lunch came in the form of pondu, tilapia and pap, other options were potatoes, rice and chicken with accompaniments. The various dishes were washed down by wines from Naked Bottles and some beers from the Tolokazi Range being exhibited as guests bought wines and beers that they had tasted earlier during the exhibition and networking session.A well-garnished and well-presented Jollof by competing Nigeria chef Jumoke Ojetimi (inset bottom right corner) at the first ever Jollof Festival in South Africa

In the end, Ghana came in best with Sunnyside-based Pretoria resident Florence Ansah making history in South Africa as the winner. “The dishes were great, the atmosphere was euphoric and the attendance no doubt was encouraging for a first-time event,” said Adetunji Omotola, the event Curator who went ahead to reveal to (event media partner) in a post-event interview that “planning is already afoot for the 2nd event. We are so thankful to everyone who played respective roles in making this success a reality. Contact us on Twitter and Instagram where we can be found as @jollofwars_sa to talk about how you can be a part of the next event.“Highlights from The Jollof Wars South Africa will be aired across Africa on Saturday, February 19, 2021, at 20.30hrs South African time, 19.30 hours Nigerian time, and 18.30 hours Ghanaian time on DSTV Channel 404. It is the first time in South Africa that Ghanaian chefs and Nigerian chefs have gone head-to-head in a big way with the Ghanaians showing up massively to claim almost 75% of the winnings at stake.

Congratulations to Ghana for winning this one, the battle is over, but the war continues, see you at the 2022 #JollofWarsSouthAfrica event, for now, kudos to Africans worldwide for showing their power of oneness through food, culture, fashion and diplomacy — Ubuntu!

Written by Oral Ofori

The never-ending Jollof Wars is coming to South Africa for the first time ever in history. South Africa will play a key role in being host to the first-ever Jollof Rice Competition between Ghanaians and Nigerians in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Karibu Wote African restaurant in Rivonia, Sandton, South Africa is going to be the venue where yet another attempt is made to resolve the healthiest and fun food rivalry between Ghanaians and Nigerians.

According to Adetunji Omotola — the curator of this event — in an interview from his base in South Africa with, participating chefs have been drawn from Johannesburg, Yeovil, Pretoria and Sandton, Johannssburg.

He encouraged all to support the event on all social media platforms by adding the Jollof Wars South Africa when they make posts and follow the event on Twitter with its official handle @JollofWars_SA.

One of the chefs who is a Ghanaian is also a corporate employee and a mother of four who promises to throw down a real soul food Ghana-Jollof to spice up this premier event,” said Mr. Omotola.

The competition will be judged by a combination of South Africans, Nigerians and Ghanaians at the quintessential Karibu Wote which is owned by Lauretta Muinda who happens to be a Congolese.

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Naija no day carry last” said a Nigerian who is based in South African that told that “We all know that here in South Africa, the best jollof rice makers are Nigerians, but let me not talk too much, just remember this when the final result is announced.”

The event will take place on Wednesday, June 16 at 12 noon and run till 4PM South African Time (SAT).

It will be attended by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa and other dignitaries according to Mr. Omotola who also confirmed that it’s being held in fun and cultural display to foster multicultural healthy relationships with all the countries involved and have giveaways and other scheduled surprises,

including great networking opportunities for those who will be supporting and attending from respective nations.

For further information about this first ever event which has as media partner kindly contact Maleshane Makhale via email with to discover how you can be a sponsor, vendor or partner.

Let the culinary war begin, all over again.

Written by Oral Ofori

Harmonize (Kondeboy) leads the official launching of Ceek in East Africa.

As part of the introduction of the streaming and virtual reality platform to the people of East Africa, the Bongo Flava artist organised and hosted a press conference at the White Sands hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.



Harmonize and his crew sought to explain to East Africans the positive impact of the Ceek streaming platform and its contribution to the world of technological advancement. Additionally he also explained the essence of adapting to the platform

He also addressed several industry issues and spoke about the upcoming and exclusive virtual events he’s yet to bring on board to his fans and East African’s on the Ceek platform.


Press Conference – Harmonize Partners With CEEK

Famously known as Kondeboy, the multi-award winning superstar who has over half a billion views on YouTUBE and over 11 million followers across his social media platforms has been well embraced by Ceek.

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At the press conference, Harmonize expressed that he is very excited about his partnership with Ceek because the Ceek Platform will allow him to put out more premium and exclusive content and also for the world to see East Africa’s Talent’.

Addressing the media, Mr Harold Ofori, one of the directors from Ceek stated that, talents such as Harmonize deserve massive financial and social support. Through their partnership with Ceek artists will be fairly compensated on their progress irrespective of their country of origin. 


Harmonize and Director Ofori from Ceek at the Press Conference

Additionally,  Mr Ofori stated that Ceek has integrated MTN, Momo Pay and is in the process of integrating Impesa and Tigo Pesa to make sure ”artists will be fairly compensated for every single thing that they put out there”


Director Ofori From Ceek


Many artists are very happy about this new partnership with Harmonize and are also excited to see what Ceek brings to East Africa.

The press conference saw huge media networks from East Africa broadcasting the information to the world. the likes of Maximum TV, Mzuri TV, Foxe TV, Minutes TV, just to mention a few.

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 The Myzic Empire frontman‘s energizing new entry packs a feature from award-winning artist, Kelyvn Boy and an official video that is out now. 

‘Better’ is an absorbing love song from Shadowboy Myzic, glazed in Italian lyrics and the performative power of Kelyvn Boy; both of which produce a true rarity in the world of Afrobeat.

Their lyric voices present a love that’s under siege from distance, but they are no quitters and their guaranteed comeback is to offer some better loving.

‘’We really put a lot of heart into this song and we’re glad all that hard work paid off. I hope Ghanaians love it as much as Italians do, because it’s all about bringing these two diverse cultures together through music’’, Shadowboy Myzic recounts.

Directed by Suzzway, the music video for ‘Better’ is representative of Afro-culture at its finest; from group dancing and colorful traditional garbs on display, to an ambience that’s purely African.

We’re convinced Shadowboy Myzic’s ‘Better’ featuring Kelvyn Boy isn’t one you’ve heard before and a must play.

Born Daniel Kyei, Shadowboy Myzic is a Ghanaian-Italian rapper and Afrobeat artist who’s presence in the industry dates back to 2012.

In time, the multi-genre artist has worked earnestly in his European domain, gaining recognition from a handful of music festivals, at which he eventually winning the award of ‘’Best Rapper’’ twice.

First in 2012 at the Multi-cultural Awards in Palermo, Italy, then at the 2014 edition of Missionary Festival Dei Popoli in the same town.

He is currently signed to Italian indie label, Myzic Empire Records and resides in Palermo where he’s focused on spreading unity and love through his growing catalogue of buzzing sounds.

Listen/stream here:

A vitalising release from the West African Blaq Jerzee as he meets the Eastern side once again for the ground-breaking upcoming album.

Teaming up with Tanzanian hit maker Blackbeat, it’s a relaxing and emotionally rich track assisting the build-up to the long-awaited project ‘East Meets West’.

Previously a top producer in the scene, Blaq Jerzee has switched roles displaying his astonishing talent as a front man and vocalist.

As this album is accumulating, we recently were gifted the release of ‘Sokoma’ and ‘Falling for you’, which has achieved 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Gaining recognition across editorial playlists such as ‘African Heat’.

With the switch to artist, Blaq Jerzee is collaborating with chief beatmaker Blackbeat for ‘6am’. A clear display of the East meeting the West, Blackbeat from Tanzania brings his native and trademark ‘Bongo Flava’ sound to the ‘Afro-beat’ sound of the West.

This hybrid is what the album is all about and a truly pioneering step for the scene.

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Lush on the ears, ‘6am’ has lots of movement whilst also remaining effortless and seductive. An eclectic arrangement of sounds and instruments, sophisticated saxophones and dreamy synthetic melodies.

Combined with Blaq Jerzee’s smooth and signature vocals that are entirely cohesive with the summery track.

Codirected by KJ Spio, providing tasteful and luxuriant imagery to match this well-orchestrated collaboration.

Filmed on an extravagant island in Tanzania, taking place on an idyllic catamaran and also coming onshore to the silky beaches featuring well-choregraphed dancers, illustrating the rhythmic passion this song provides.

Powered by Ceek, this album is another step closer to its arrival. Breaking down barriers with some of the most influential artists and producers on the continent.

Blaq Jerzee and Blackbeat showed the harmony of their East meets West combination and what this album has in store!

Watch here

Blaq Jerzee – 6 am


Blaq Jerzee – Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



 The electrifying disc jockey‘s new collaboration, ‘Yes Cocoa’ arrives right in time for summer featuring reigning VGMA ‘’Artist of the Year’’ Kuami Eugene, together with a music video that totally slaps. ‘Yes Cocoa’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally

Graced by a classic-sounding Hiplife tone, the song has Kuami Eugene‘s piercing vocals effortlessly slot in to buoy up the very melodic production, as he primes DJ Akuaa for her lyrical take over; one she successfully executes with a stellar verse that showcases her capacity as an all-round music contender.

‘Yes Cocoa’ is DJ Akuaa’s ode to the #BlackGirlMagic movement, transcribing the appeal and beauty of the African woman’s shade to the world’s love for chocolate drinks; or as it’s popularly known in Ghana, ‘’yes cocoa’’. DJ Akuaa has a certified crowd-pleaser on her hands.

A fond personality, Akuaa ‘’DaSpinstress’’ is an award-winning US-based Ghanaian disc jockey, who’s power to enchant any crowd is uncanny.

Such finesse, coupled with her inclusive music reach; Dance, House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeat, Highlife, Soca, Dancehall, has seen the young personality a embed a mark in prominent American cities and states like DC, Maryland

As well as Virginia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania and home country of Ghana.

Her music cache is wide ranging as well, with the disc jockey releasing a plethora of songs; ‘Poppin’ featuring Kweku Afro, ‘Marry Me’ featuring Bisa Kdei and ‘Sing For Me’ featuring Joey B & Bisa Kdei to name a few.

‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith’ ~ 2 Timothy 4:7

Popular Nigerian Minister of God and founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua has passed on.

Media reports disclosed that the internationally recognised prophet’s sudden demise occurred on Saturday, June 05, 2021, shortly after his sermon during the church’s meeting telecast live on their channel, Emmanuel TV.

The cause of death is yet to be revealed. The great man of God, Prophet TB Joshua was 57 years. He left behind three children and his wife, Evelyn Joshua.

Born on June 12, 1963 in Ondo State in Nigeria, the late prophet and televangelist was known privately as Temitope Balogun Joshua.

He began practicing his faith in God at an early age at school where he read the entire bible and excelled in religious studies and was nicknamed, “small pastor” by his colleagues.


He was enrolled in an Anglican school between 1971 and 1977 whiles living with an Anglican priest at the mission house at the time. Unfortunately for him, he had to face hardship in life following his father’s death whiles he was still in school.

He then left the Anglican school and was made to live with an uncle who was a Muslim due to financial constraints.

His uncle sent him to a Muslim school and that made it difficult for him to read the word of God. The bitter experience compelled him to stop schooling at the secondary level.

He started engaging in casual jobs which involve gathering of chicken droppings at a poultry farm in order to make a living.

During the time he was working, he saved up some money and enrolled in another school where he attended only evening classes because he was also organising bible studies among children around his area.

He had passion for the military as well and decided to join the Nigerian military but couldn’t join due to the herculean trainings they were made to go through.

TB Joshua officially entered into full time ministry following his divine encounter with god and founded The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and the Emmanuel TV that has continually serve the great commission of Christ till date.

Countless souls and lives from all walks of lives have been blessed and imparted spiritually and physically through his ministry.

He played key roles in Spreading the word of God not in only Nigeria but in Africa, Europe and other Continents as well.

As part of godly assignment in propagating the gospel, he wrote couple of Christian literatures including, ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Step Between You And The Cure’, ‘Daily Time With God’ and ‘What The Future Holds’.

He also served humanity dearly through several charitable programmes like educational needs and scholarships, health, community development, disaster relief among many humanitarian works.

As an influential figure in Africa and the world at large, TB Joshua’s sudden death has hit many people who have been impacted through his ministry so hard even though it’s been perceived his life was well lived.

Various church leaders, government officials and loved ones around the world have begun pouring their heartfelt condolences on social media to his church and the family in this trial moment.

RIP TB Joshua

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones