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Netflix Launches ‘Netflix Naija’

Following some months of assumption and expectation, Netflix has finally been introduced in Nigeria. The American online streaming platform, after acquiring Genevieve Nnaji’s “Lionheart” in 2018 made it obvious throughout last year they were interested in Creative African Content. The streaming giant is prepared to invest massively in original content from Nigeria. Now, Nollywood is the newest African movie industry to make it to Netflix and this was announced, with a new twitter account, “Netflix Naija” on Monday, February 24, 2020. More African Celebrities News The announcement included a photo of some Nigerian legendary actors and actresses like Ramsey...

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Is the Ghana media already failing the future of Ghana?

The media is a powerful institution. Per the 1992 constitution of Ghana, it is the fourth estate of the realm. No doubt those who put together the constitution knew the powerful role the media must, should and will play as the years go by. But what do we see these days, the supposed powerful institution of the media has now forgotten its duties, role, and powers because it is now being tossed around by governments of the day. In this century some people still don’t have access to potable drinking water, basic education, good roads, quality health care. On...

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Dometi Pongo Host Of The New MTV Series – True Life Crime

Our Celeb of the day is Dometi Pongo. Dometi Pongo is a journalist and television personality in Chicago who was born to West African parents. He’s an award-winning journalist and has served tremendously in several media firms. Before entering into media as his official profession, he began with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at southern Illinois university in the US which he concentrated mainly in Economics. He also worked as a news anchor and reporter at Chicago’s WGN Radio 720AM and voiceover talent for WGN TV. In addition, Dometi serves as the speaker and consultant of his...

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle News

Living as a royal, is mostly ascribed as a generational function. There’s no starting date and ending date. Nonetheless, following the recent decision made by Prince Harry and Meghan, letting go of royal duties, live an independent life and to work on their own, has certainly given an end to their royal statuses. Hence, a date has been set for the Prince and his wife, as their last day to be recognised as working members of the royal family in Britain, which happens to be March 31, 2020. The speaker of Harry and Meghan disclosed some few engagements, the...

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Regina Daniels Launches Her First Edition Of ‘Regina Magazine’

Congratulations are in order!  Young adorable Nigerian actress and CEO of Regina Entertainment Television (RET), Regina Daniels, had her premier publication launched on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria. The magazine titled, “Regina Magazine”, by the fast-rising movie star is a comprehensible publication which is meant to celebrate Nigerian super stars, the lives if successful females out there and to motivate the younger generation.   Among the chapters of the magazine includes, an interview she had which she confessed, she once told her dad she’d marry his age mate. my daughter saved her virginity for...

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