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Happy Birthday Waje iruobe!

Aituaje Iruobe was born on September 1, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose vocal range covers three octaves.  She best known for having the  best voice in Africa and also the  lady behind the remake of P-Square’s “Omoge Mi” and the female voice in the duo’s 2008 hit track “Do Me”, Banky W “Thief my Kele”, M.I “One...

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Nigerian woman based in Milton Keynes gives birth to white baby beating one-in-a-million odds

Catherine Howarth 32, from Nigeria,  has beaten odds of a million-to-one by giving birth to a white baby . When the midwife presented Catherine Howarth with her new baby, she was convinced she’d been given the wrong child. The little boy was completely white – whereas new mum Catherine has the dark black skin of her Nigerian heritage. For even though baby Jonah has a white father, doctors say the chances of him being white too were an incredible one in a million. And it wasn’t only the “miracle” baby’s mum who was stunned. “The midwife looked at me...

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Contract An Yvonne Okoro Movie

In his quest to find the woman who will take his money, have his child and disappear, Peter begins a roller coaster, contracted relationship with Abena Boateng, a crude but clever local girl who is anything but impressed with Peter’s affluence. This Movie is Very Hilarious! Great Cast, Great Storyline  Overall  AWESOME! Enjoy!...

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