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Ludwick Marishane inventor of a bath without water

Meet Ludwick Marishane, a 23 year-old entrepreneur from South Africa inventor of DryBath, a clear topical gel applied to the skin that yields the same result as soap and water. Ludwick tells the amazing, funny story of how he invented a cheap, clean and convenient solution for never having to take a bath again. Ludwick explains how difficult it was for him to find enough water in the town where he lived to be able to bathe. This inspired him to create “DryBath” , a water-less bathing lotion: watch Ludwick Marishane  tell his story here. What an...

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Kenyan pioneer female professional football star shines in Germany

Meet Doreen Nabwire , She is better known as Kenya’s first professional female football star and the first woman to play in an international league. But in 2013, Doreen Nabwire was a football ambassador in Germany. As a guest of DJK Sportverband, a youth sports association in Cologne, she worked to assist the organization to prepare one of the largest German youth football tournaments. This engagement is a clear indication of the impact that this young Kenyan has made on the German soccer scene. “I feel like the generation before me that had such good players and my generation have been wasted, but we have great potential in the generation coming after us, and it is saddening that they will get wasted if things do not change”. Doreen Well...

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Book of the Month for June 2014 by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The UNESCO World Book Capital Program has selected “This Child Will Be Great” by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Book of the Month for June 2014. The program hopes to improve the reading culture, promote the featured books, and inspire discourse about books for the benefit of society. In her inspiring memoir, President Sirleaf explains her rise to power, her early childhood, her experiences with abuse, imprisonment and exile, and her struggle for democracy and social...

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