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Former Spelman co-valedictorian twins write self-help book

Identical twin sisters who recently made history at Spelman College have penned a self-help book to inspire young people to achieve excellence in every aspect of their lives.  Last year, Kirstie and Kristie Bronner, both music majors, are the first twins to ever graduate as co-valedictorians from the college....

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Dr Dre: The first ‘hip-hop billionaire’?

As expected, Beats co-founders Iovine and rapper Dr. Dre will join Apple as part of the acquisition of the music-streaming and audio-equipment company. By most accounts, Apple’s $3bn (£1.8bn) acquisition of the Beats headphone and music streaming service will increase Dre’s net worth making him, if not hip-hop’s first billionaire, certainly hip-hop’s wealthiest...

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Google unveils Self-driving car prototype has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals

Google unveiled a brand new self-driving car prototype on Tuesday; the first company to build a car with no a steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedal. It is the first truly driverless electric car prototype built by Google to test the next stage of its five-year-old self-driving car project. It looks like a cross between a Smart car and a Nissan Micra, with two seats and room enough for a small amount of luggage. It is the first real physical incarnation of Google’s vision of what a self-driving car of the near future could...

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