Jerome Boateng - Kevin-Prince BoatengBoateng  brothers were both born in Berlin, but in 2009, Schalke’s Kevin-Prince, 27, opted to play for the country of his father. They will face each other on when Germany plays Ghana tonight.

One thing is for sure brotherly love will be forgotten tonight when  Germany’s Jerome Boateng faces his sibling Ghana’s Kevin-Prince Boateng predicting a ‘fight to the death’.

This is not the first time the brothers have played each other at a World Cup.

In South Africa, they set a record by becoming the first brothers to play against each other at a World Cup finals.

Jerome Boateng is hoping to play for the Black Stars, Ghana’s national team. He has applied for a Ghanaian passport, which is only a formality at this point. The Ghana Football Association is depending on him to be a member of its team when it heads to South Africa for the World Cup in June.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world!