Athlete Spotlight: Ghanaian professional footballer Emmanuel Frimpong who now plays for Russian team Arsenal Tula wears his brand DENCH on the back of his shirt in Russian (‘‘ДЕНЧ’ ) for his debut with his new club this week.

Emmanuel Frimpong  wasn’t on the field for a long time making fans wonder if the ‘DENCH’ on his shirt instead of his name did upset the manager and was sent off or he was just not ready to play.

Emmanuel Frimpong

Do you think Emmanuel Frimpong is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons? He has a reason for wearing the ‘DENCH’ shirt, we hope to find out soon.

One thing is for sure, whether the Frimpong’s headlines is for the wrong or right reasons. This publicity is making the whole world know who he is and talk about him. Now that’s a DENCH!

The former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has signed a 2-year deal with Russian Premier League club Arsenal Tula.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Frimpong