Adjetey Anang and wife Elorm After 7 years of marriage Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang and his beautiful wife Elorm are expecting their first child.

Adjetey aka ‘Pusher’ who’s undeniably excited took to social media to express his undying love for his pretty wife and also break the baby news..

”What’s up girl? When you smile the world smiles right back to you. Have a smiley day people…“bless this lady, my powerhouse who continues to shape me into a better man.”Adjetey

Adjetey also  disputed the claims that their marriage ceremony was a secret saying , “I laughed when I saw this description in the news recently. Well, I did not want an uncontrollable crowd at my wedding, but it surely wasn’t ‘private and low key’. We had a church wedding and the reception was at a very popular events’ venue. We invited 300 people but we had over 500 in attendance.”

We are very happy for them are  you ? Let’s know your views