Looks are what others perceive as beautiful or attractive, like art is something that people like to look at, they get positive…Studies show that good-looking people earn more in the work place as well enjoy more friends and sexual partners.

Society assumes that what is beautiful is good.

There are universally agreed upon attributes that humans in general find attractive, but for the most part the culture, time period that you live in dictates the level of attractiveness.

How Do You Define Beauty?

It is a scientifically proven fact that men place higher premium on appearance than women.

This is a result of what millions of years of evolution has taught them – men have not evolved much since the cavemen, when it comes to attraction, their inner “metal detectors” still look for the same cues that evolutions says are beneficial to survival of their genes– fertility which is indicated by the attributes of youth such as full lips, radiant hair, smooth skin, clear eyes, muscle tone, firm ample bosoms, facial and body symmetry, and good waist to hip ratio.

These attributes are also what accentuate the differences between men and women, the more pronounced the difference the bigger the attraction, men are less attracted to butch women and more attracted to dainty feminine women.

The damsel in distress, someone they can carry across the threshold without danger of a ruptured spleen or hernia.

Having worked with several dating services, one of my findings is that younger men prefer women who are their age or a few years younger, as men get older; especially past the age of forty they desire larger age gaps from their mates; perhaps their way of hanging on to their own youth.

How Do You Define Beauty

Men are hierarchical; and for many the only factor that overrides evolution is someone who validates their alpha male status, and the greatest evidence of a man’s social worth is a woman that is considered beautiful by the standards of the society that he lives in.

The more secure a man is the less he cares about what others think of his choice of a mate; he’s able to create his own ideal…

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Our society in general unconsciously attributes many positive traits to good looking people. Many studies have found that people assume that good looking people are more honest, intelligent and happy.

Looking good works for both the dating scene and life in general, studies show that good looking people are often looked upon favourably in employment and earn more than their less attractive counterparts.


The great news is that many of the universal traits of beauty are attainable by every human being – some have it naturally others have to work a little bit harder at it. Healthy looking skin is universally associated with attractiveness in both men and women.

Since women place more emphasis on men’s status and ability to provide and access resources that will ensure their survival, it is no surprise that the features that women find attractive in men are those that indicate protection, status and strength. Most western cultures perceive men with broad shoulders, arrow waists and nice chests as being attractive.

A 0.75 waist-to-shoulder ratio is considered optimal. Taller men are considered attractive; an erect posture communicates confidence, status and strength. It is also believed that taller men tend to have high levels of testosterone. Men with strong broad jaws and brows are also considered attractive…

Most western cultures consider slender women attractive, unfortunately most women I believe overestimate what is considered slim or slender.

There are so many attractive size 10 and 12 women who would come into my dating service thinking their options were limited, when in fact most men do not consider women of this size as equally attractive.

Just as many men do not find obese women attractive they do not find anorexic ones attractive either – being a healthy weight that is proportionate to your height is prescription for success in attracting the right one. It doesn’t matter what size you are, if you look like the Tasmanian devil it’s hard to find a long line of suitors….

I know that most women want to be wanted and appreciated for their internal riches, and unfortunately men have no interest in learning of those internal riches if they can not get past the external, you can accept this as reality and a fact of life or you can choose to do nothing to be your best and live in the delusion that it’s what’s on the inside that matters –

You’ve been warned it’s going to be a lonely ride. Discovery of internal riches follows the initial attraction; it is what sustains a relationship.

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There is no one standard of beauty, so being your best is going to attract the right one….

remember attraction is about instinct not intellect, so no particular Waist to hip ratio or Body Mass Index is fixed, but having clean skin that is free of gunk is within your control.

While most models are tall, men prefer women who are shorter than them, studies across multiple cultures show that women prefer men who are taller than them and men prefer women who are shorter than them…

Overall, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder…

No one goes to the grocery store and says “emm let me find the most bruised up, rotten melons in here and pay premium price for it” Truth is while you’re on the market, you have to keep the produce super fresh…

Your outer appearance is a direct measure of how happy you are in life, it communicates a lot – self esteem, openness, confidence, insecurities, personal shames, sexual desires, and much more.

By Tonighter