The Republic of Malawi health officials have destroyed close to 2000 AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccines.

According to reports, the Malawians burnt the vaccines because its expiration date was overdue. The country received its first batch of Covid 19 vaccine in March 26, 2021 from the AU and WHO.

About eighty percent of the doses were administered upon arrival date.


However, the vaccine’s displayed expiry date which fell on April 13 was due in less than three weeks after the health facilities were able to administer the aforementioned percentage.

Advice from the wealth health organisation suggested the vaccine was safe for use until 2nd week of July after a thorough research and analysis conducted as long as the vaccine is concerned.


The Malawian ministry of health revealed that it was safer destroying the vaccine because the news had been circulated among the citizens which increased their reluctance in taking the vaccines aside the various negative perceptions raised by most Africans concerning the Covid 19 vaccine.


Also, the vaccines were burnt in order to comply with the government of Malawi’s policy that stated it won’t offer expired vaccines to its people.

Health Minister Khumbize Chaponda then assured Malawians to confidently take the vaccine because there aren’t any available expired vaccines to be used at the health centres during her public address to the media.

She further stated that the health ministry’s target is to vaccinate more than 11 million Malawi citizens. In view of that the health officials are working on encouraging a lot of people to take the vaccine.

The statement said; “We are still going to get more until we reach our target which is having at least 11 million Malawians getting the AstraZeneca vaccine,”


Although Malawi was not the only African country to have expired vaccines but their move for the destruction of the outdated vaccines has changed the request of the WHO regarding its safety even after the set expiry date.

Now, WHO has admonished that expired vaccines should be rejected and not to be distributed again.


Source: Malawi News/News Africa