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Captain Irene Koki Mutungi: First female African Dreamliner Captain announced by Kenya Airways

TBT: Kenya Airways (KQ) has announced that Captain Irene Koki Mutungi was promoted to be the first African Captain on the world’s latest plane, the Boeing B787 Dreamliner. Captain Mutungi was the first ever and only female pilot at Kenya Airways for about six years – more ladies have since joined the airline in the cockpits of their various planes – and has risen steadily through the ranks. Irene was flying as a First Officer on the 767-300ER, the second largest aircraft in the Kenya Airways fleet after the Boeing B777-300ER. She says she has been able to inspire...

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Barrington Irving Jr. :First Black Pilot to Fly Around the World

Meet Barrington Irving Jr. In 2007  he became the youngest person to ever pilot a plane around the world solo. He is also the first Black person and first Jamaican to accomplish this feat. His airplane, a Cessna 400, is named the “Inspiration.” The Jamaican aviator, based in Miami, was 23 years old when he flew around the world alone in 97 days, approximately 145 Flight hours, almost 30 miles over 300,000 students following him and blogging him… On Saturday, May 31. Captain Irving spoke to the students of Lancaster ISD about his journey to becoming the youngest person to fly...

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Tech Spotlight: Youngest Commercial Pilot In Zambia Kalenga

Youngest commercial pilot in Zambia Kalenga Kamwendo has won The Peer Rising Star Award in New York…. Kalenga was just 19 years old when he became Zambia’s youngest pilot. In an exclusive interview African celebs, Kalenga Kamwendo told us about how it all started and some amazing events that he has coming up. African celebs: Please introduce yourself? KK: My name is Kalenga Kamwendo, I’m a 22 year old Zambian youth. I’m a commercial pilot working with Proflight Zambia on the British aerospace jetstream 3200 series. African celebs: Where are you from and why did you start? KK: I started because of passion; that should always be the driving...

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Never forget from where you came from and cherish the memories

#TBT: Never forget from where you came from and cherish the memories. Those memories, be them good or bad are why you are who you are…take pride in all that you’ve achieved and have faith in how far you can go…and enjoy the satisfaction…! This photograph of President Obama and Michelle Obama as a young couple was posted to Facebook  years back…What a lovely strong couple! Such an inspiration for all of us! Photo Credit: Obama Facebook   Recommended stories: Celebs who give back Janet Jackson and Wissam welcome baby Boy Adebayo Ogunlesi: Meet The Nigerian Who Led Gatwick Airport Acquisition! Akon...

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