African Celebrities Who Give Back : Nigerian Boy Left For Dead Rescued By Good Samaritan Anja

TBT: Be Inspired: No Situation is Hopeless! Charity worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, is a true example of: ”As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”~ Audrey Hepburn “If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.”~ Martin Kornfeld “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” ~ Albert Schweitze The little Nigerian boy in the above photo was branded ‘a witch’  and left to die. Anja took care of Hope and he is now well and attending...

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Latest Fashion Trends 2020

Are you running out of ideas on what to wear? Check out our selection of fashionable clothes below!     Does your mood affect your way of dressing?   More about fashion here….       What’s your favourite colour and why?       What is your best inspired...

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GUBA Winner Is Looking For A Mega Talented Ghanaian To Join Now United

Simon Fuller | GUBA Winner Is Looking For A Mega Talented Ghanaian To Join Now United The talents must be young Ghanaians with an incredible voice and dancing moves, between the ages of 14 and 18years living in any country. Simon fuller is a prominent entertainment executive and entrepreneur, he’s well-known for overseeing the works of celebrities and several TV reality shows including, Pop Idol in the UK and American Idol in the US. He has also produced TV shows like, American dancing TV series, “So You Think You Can Dance” and Q’Viva which means, the chosen. His management...

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Netflix Launches ‘Netflix Naija’

Following some months of assumption and expectation, Netflix has finally been introduced in Nigeria. The American online streaming platform, after acquiring Genevieve Nnaji’s “Lionheart” in 2018 made it obvious throughout last year they were interested in Creative African Content. The streaming giant is prepared to invest massively in original content from Nigeria. Now, Nollywood is the newest African movie industry to make it to Netflix and this was announced, with a new twitter account, “Netflix Naija” on Monday, February 24, 2020. More African Celebrities News The announcement included a photo of some Nigerian legendary actors and actresses like Ramsey...

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Kenyan R&B Singer Release Brand New Single ‘FORBIDDEN FRUIT’

RISING KENYAN R&B SINGER LE RÚ RELEASES BRAND NEW SINGLE TITLED “FORBIDDEN FRUIT”. Kenyan R&B songstress Le Rú (formerly RU.BY) just dropped a brand new single titled “Forbidden Fruit.” This is the fast-rising singer’s debut release under a new name and identity, Le Rú. The delivery of Nairobi’s ‘sweet and spicy hummingbird’ is raw and persuasive on this upbeat alternative R&B rendition. On what inspired the track, the singer said “ ‘Forbidden Fruit is a story that represents undiscovered love and lust due to circumstance. It carries a sultry yet pure vibe to it from the lyricism to the groove...

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