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Aviation News: Africa’s Youngest Commercial Pilots

FBF: Inspirational Stories: Meet Kalenga Kamwendo and Besa Mumba, the youngest commercial pilots in Africa.  Kalenga was just 19 years old when he became Zambia’s youngest pilot. In an exclusive interview African celebs,  Kalenga Kamwendo, the youngest pilot in Africa told us about how it all started and some amazing events that he has coming up. African celebs: Please introduce yourself? KK: My name is Kalenga Kamwendo, I’m a 22 year old Zambian youth. I’m a commercial pilot working with Proflight Zambia on the British aerospace jetstream 3200 series. African celebs: Where are you from and why did you start? KK: I started because of passion; that should...

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Married For 35 years With 5 Daughters Who Are All Lawyers….

FBF- Inspirational Stories: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela, Meet Dr Tor Uja, the executive secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) and his wife Berry, They couple have been married for over 35 year and have 5 beautiful daughters:Nguemo, Wanter, Nguter, Nguuma, and Ushakuma All of them are qualified lawyers. History Makers! Join us in wishing this Nigerian family HUGE congrats and God’s blessings. Well done Dr Tor Uja and his wife Berry and daughters. You are such an inspiration!  We hope this story will change the views of all those who prefer...

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Sasha Obama Graduates From High School

Congratulations are in order! We have not seen any official photos though. Natasha Obama is the second daughter of the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama, and Michelle Obama. She is popularly regarded as the “president’s daughter” probably for growing up under extreme protection. Little can be said about Natasha’s life before the White House because she got to Pennsylvania Avenue at a very tender age. The “president’s daughter”, as Barrack Obama fondly calls her. Sasha, along with her sister, went to the private University of Chicago Laboratory School, Ohio before moving to the White House. Her...

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Meet The Medicine Family: Mother, Son, Sisters, Wife, Brother All Doctors

TBT:  ”Be a yardstick of quality” Meet Dr. Law.U and his family who are all doctors. Dr. Law U. posted the photo below to show his appreciation with the captions: ”You can’t lose when your team is this strong. From L-R: Dr. Mom (Family Practice), Dr. Me (Radiology), Brother (MS1) and Sister (Family Nurse Practitioner). 2 of my sisters (Cardiology and MS3” From L-R Dr. Mom (Family Medicine), Sister (Family Nurse Practitioner), Dr. Wife (Pediatrics), Dr. Sister (Cardiology), Sister (MS3).  What an amazing family! Congrats to you all, you are in inspiration to the WORLD! MORE INSPIRATIONAL STORIES Credit: Law...

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Monday Motivation

Happy New Week Everyone! Starting from today,  you are moving from Glory to Glory, God will fill your mouth with laughter again.! ‘He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, And the dwelling place of the wicked will come to nothing Job 8:21-22   More Inspirational...

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