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Exciting sports games caused the emergence of funny rituals among fans, giving them a stronger hope that their favorite teams will win. By the same logic, however, many fans believe that some people or places always bring bad luck to their teams. The greatest example is the rapper Drake who is believed to bring bad luck to the teams he supports. There were many times that the favorite teams expected to win were defeated upon Drake’s support messages. This curse was prevalent in football. Every time the team players of Arsenal, Manchester and Paris Saint-Germain took pictures with the...

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Jinmi Abduls New Single ‘Abena’

PRESS RELEASE Headline 1: Listen to Jinmi Abduls new single ‘Abena’ Headline 2: Jinmi Abduls – Abena The beauty of the black woman has long since been revered across all the ages of music, spanning from different perspectives to genre. Fast-rising star, Jinmi Abduls, celebrates black beauty from his own perspective on his new record titled, ‘Abena’. The young aficionado serenades on this Ghanaian inspired pop record with melodies and vocals that compel the body to groove. The release of this single follows the announcement of his signing to The Plug Management company, Nigeria. Recommended Stories   The production...

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Black Women Who Date White Men

Black Women, White Men: If you still think black women dating white men is rare, here are some high-profile relationships between black women and white men paving the way for those who dare to take a walk on the lighter side. Is black the new blond??? From the 90’s to date. Robin Givens and Brad Pitt Before he was famous, he was the new boyfriend of the world heavyweight champion’s ex-wife. Indeed, once Brad showed up at Robin’s house and saw Iron Mike there waiting for him…. Nicole Roderick and Frank Langella Frank Langella scored big time with Nicole Roderick,...

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D.C Tennis Facility To Be Named for Williams Sisters

Thanks to the contributions from the dynamic Williams sisters, a newly-renovated tennis arena is on its way to Washington, D.C. The art tennis facility in Washington D.C. will bear the name of two of the sport’s greatest champions.  Thanks in part to a generous donation fromVenus and Serena Williams, the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center (SETLC) has undergone an $18 million renovation. Since the First Ladies of tennis served up a hefty amount for a worthy cause, the SETLC announced via a press release that the new arena will be called the Venus and Serena Williams Tennis Arena. The center...

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11-Year Old Zuriel Oduwole Makes History On Forbes Magazine

Meet Nigerian Zuriel Oduwole, she has made history as the youngest person ever to be interviewed on popular magazine Forbes. The interview with the award winning documentary film maker, conference speaker and writer is featured in the August 2013 edition of Forbes Africa. Touted by some as the next Larry King, and ARISE News as the next Oprah Winfrey, Oduwole is reportedly committed to rebrand Africa by showing the positive things in about the continent, and making the case for education the Girl Child in Africa and Emerging Markets. As an invited guest to the recent African Union 50th anniversary celebrations in Ethiopia, she has in her quest of pursuing her goal interviewed leading African business, political, and sports personalities, including eight current African Presidents, Africa’s richest person, Aliko Dangote and Tennis super stars Venus and Serena Williams. Zuriel (which is Hebrew for God is my Rock) believes if she can walk a mile, then there are girls who on seeing her work and progress made, would walk a mile and half. What an...

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