Gambian Ghana Based Popular Actress Princess Shyngle is trending because of a photo she posted. For some reason, people keep accusing the Gambian Princess of photoshopping her waist.


Princess Shyngle Mapia Waist Trainer

She attributes the tiny waist to years of wearing corset and now the Mapia Waist Trainer. However, others believe is either surgery or photoshop.

She posted the photo below yesterday, and that started trending because of how tiny her waist look. Well as you can all see from this videos below, that’s her waist indeed and not photoshopped.

Princess Shyngle might be the African with the tiniest waist in the world.Though not confirmed by Guinness  book of records.



In saying that, Model Jazzma Kendrick is believed to be the black woman with the tiniest waist.



Do we all want flat tummies of course! We can either admire those who have beautiful bodies to flaunt or look away. 


VIDEO/Photo Credit: Princess Shyngle