Mpumi Mlambo is an Award-winning radio personality who is affectionately known as Msakazi by Power FM listeners is highly gracing our television screens.

Msakazi, who is an aspiring young media mogul that looks up to black women such as Oprah bagged herself a television MC on one of Channel O’s famous music shows, the Lockdown House Party which airs on Friday and Saturday nights.

”I want to be an African version of Oprah and own my own media production company, produce amazing African content and create opportunities for young talented people.

I want them to know and understand that they can do more and be more than where they come from”, says Msakazi.


This is not the first time Msakazi has tried to get her foot in the television industry. She entered competition such as top billing presenter search and my BET break though she didn’t come on top, that did not demotivate her.


She continued to push and knock on doors until she unlocked the Lockdown House Party gig.

When asked about how this opportunity will impact her career and what it means to her. Msakazi said that this gig is a major deal, it has unlocked doors in the music industry because she is now meeting different musicians and understanding their craft.


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‘This is one of the biggest gigs I have bagged. I tried with top billing and did not make it through, but this is a huge breakthrough for me, a young girl from Orange Farm and trying to make it onto the big screens.

This is an exciting opportunity, I’m grateful to Shimza and DJ PH, the co-founders of the Lockdown House Party for giving me the opportunity to be part of the show”, added Msakazi.

Mpumi Mlambo believes that this opportunity will not only have a positive impact on her but those who look up to her and have the same goals.

The South African TV Host believes that she can use this opportunity to influence young talents not to give up and keep pushing those doors and surround themselves with the right people.

Msakazi could not contain her excitement when she explained how she felt the first time she had the news that she got the gig.

‘I’m quite a weird person, I was excited and happy but more worried about being able to deliver or kill it as this came at a time when I had anxiety. I cried because I was waiting on God to answer at least one prayer and he did”, she explained.

The entertainment industry requires one to be extremely creative, more often entertainers experience creative blocks and they need to go back to the drawing board. Msakazi says to overcome this, does something completely different.

To echo that, Msakazi said ”I always go away from work when I experience creative blocks, I stop doing anything that is work related and watch things that are totally different from what I do and source my inspiration from them”.

The Lockdown House Party involves various artists in the country, MC’s must understand ins and outs of the music industry.

And Msakazi came prepared, when asked about her musical influence she said Anatii is one of the people that influence her musically as she believes that he is an exceptional artist and his album ”IYEZA” topped the music charts.

Msakazi will be MCing the show alongside, Robot Boii.

Mpumi ”Msakazi” Mlambo is a South African actress, award winning radio host and TV personality. Msakazi broke into the media industry through the popular drama series, ”Sokhulu & Partners” on SABC1.

She has also played the role of Mpumi Nkosi on SABC1 telenovela, ”Ngempela”.

Msakazi’s radio career began at Voice of Wits where she won an MTN Radio Award for the category: ”Best Breakfast Show Presenter”, competing in a male dominated category.

After winning the award, she moved to Power FM and started hosting her own music show as well as doing content production for the day time talk show, Power Lunch.

After years and years of trying to break into the TV industry through attending open presented searches like Mzansi Insider, Presenter Search on 3, MTV VJ Search, Msakazi finally got the opportunity to be a TV host on the popular Channel O music show called the Lockdown House Party

 Award-winning and multi-platinum selling Afrobeats producer, Kiddominant has just unlocked his debut single for the year 2020.

The new dance track titled “eWallet” and featuring South African artist, Cassper Nyovest, is now available for streaming and download on major digital platforms.

This new single expresses Kiddominant’s newly created genre of South Afrobeats.

It is a feel-good bop whose production soundscape is a fine blend of the burgeoning Amapiano template from South Africa and embellished with some good ole Afrobeats flavour.

With the help of Cassper Nyovest, “eWallet” gives a complete African sound experience.

The new release is sequel also to the announcement of “Fall,” a track he wrote and produced for global star, Davido to be certified gold in the USA.

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Kiddominant will enjoy major support from streaming service, Apple Music who recently announced the launch of ‘Africa Now Radio’ which features Kiddominant on its premiere episode hosted by DJ Cuppy.


The show is set to air on Sunday, May 31 at 8am PT / 4pm UK / 5pm SA.


In addition to the radio show, Kiddominant and Cassper will be the featured artist for the popular ‘Africa Now’ playlist during release week.

“eWallet” is already gathering momentum as the next big continental hit with positive reviews it has received from first time plays on top radio stations across regions in Africa including Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.


Source: Pep Junia ( Kwadwo Amoah ) Kiss Media INC

Lira Becomes The First African To Get A Barbie Doll In Her Likeness

Congratulations are in order! Lerato Molapo, best known by her stage name ‘Lira’ is a South African veteran singer prominently known for her decades of contribution to Contemporary R&B, Afro-soul, Funk and Jazz.

Her hard work and talent has won her South African Music Award for Best Afro-Soul Vocalist for a whopping 11 times since her debut in 2003.

No doubt, Arthur Mafokate shaped her life by signing her into 999 Music.

However, she improved on her ability, and single-handedly took Afro-Soul to another level.

Lira was born in Daveyton, South Africa 4 decades ago (1979). Convincingly, once can conclude that her undivided interest inspired the superstar’s career in many veterans’ award-winning songs, including Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Miriam Makeba.


Her deep interest in their lyrics encouraged her to begin a career in songwriting and eventually started performing live on stage, aged 16.

The burning desire became unquenchable for Lira when she won the competition for young singers and songwriters.

Lira becomes first African celebrity to have Barbie doll made of her likeliness
Photo Credit: Miss Lira (Instagram)

Lira soon decided to mix her studies with recording music at a nearby local studio. That eventually paid off as the talented singer got her first demo when she was only eighteen while switching Accounting class.

Despite holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and also gainfully employed as an accountant, Lerato gave up her white-collar job for music after two years of employment.

In 2000, Lerato saw a career breakthrough through a reputable musician and music director, Arthur Mafokate that mad her to sign for 999 Music.


He made a tremendous contribution towards making the album a blast. And sure, the album was a blast – receiving numerous awards including Channel O Reel Music Awards, Metro FM Awards and South African Music Awards. Sadly, every finish line is the beginning of a new race.

Lira soon left 999 Music for Sony Music Africa where she then released numerous award-winning singles and albums, thanks to producer Robin Kohl, bassist Tshepo Sekele, and keyboardist Victor Mngomezulu.

Lerato was honored to sing alongside John Legend, Shakira, K’Naan and Alicia Keys at the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup where she performed a rendition of Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata.

Lerato has won several accolades in her choosing career and sure has inspired many Africans with her choice of genre, R&B.

Recently, Lira became the first African ever to get a Barbie doll made in her image. The doll is an annual award presented to the outstanding women around the world, and Lira got this as part of Barbie’s 60th anniversary.

This is undoubtedly a feat many African celebrities look forward to and definitely confirmed the outstanding performance of the 11-time winner of the South African Music Award for Best Afro-Soul Vocalist.

The humble veteran, 40, had her fans to thank for supporting her and taking her into the presence of the whole world and also promised never to let them down at any point in time.


Photo Credit: Lerato Molapo/Lira

The Tragic Death Of The First African Set To Travel Space

Becoming an astronaut and working with NASA is a big challenge with the enormous competition.

Six years ago, there was a special call for applicants to win a trip to space. Among one million applicants, only 23 were selected.

This number is now reduced to 22 because one of the winners recently passed away in a motorcycle crash.

Mandla Maseko was an individual applicant, he would have been the first black African to travel to space.

It all started in 2013 with the competition organized by AXE Apollo Space Academy.

Twenty-three people were to be randomly selected and sent to space. Among the winners was Mandla Maseko, who was a pilot in the South African Air Force.


Mandla Maseko: Africa's First Black ''Afronaut
Photo Credit: Mandla Maseko


Shortly after the competition, he traveled to the US to get the compulsory training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The training included briefings about skydiving and G-force. When asked about his feelings about being the first black African to go to space.

Maseko told the reporters “I’m not trying to make this a race thing, but for us blacks grew up dreaming to a certain stage’..

You dreamed of being a policeman or a lawyer, but you knew you wouldn’t get as far as pilot or astronaut.

Upon his return from the US, the South African media nicknamed him the “Afronaut.”

The trip was initially scheduled to take place in 2015. The rocket was going to be launched into the sub-orbit and rotate around the earth for an hour.


Photo Credit: Mandla Maseko

However, the company XCOR Aerospace designing the suborbital spaceplane had financial issues, which led the XCOR officers to end the contracts of many employees.

That’s why; the space travel was postponed indefinitely. Nevertheless, Maseko never gave up and always believed it was going to happen sooner or later.


Sadly, he died in a motorbike crash. According to reports, he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle in Pretoria on Saturday July 6th.

Even though he didn’t get to live his dream, Maseko still left a legacy behind. Gauteng Department of Education named a science building at the Curtis Nkondo School of Specialisation after Maseko.

We are confident that his dedication and determination will live on and continue to inspire many Africans.

To date, NASA no black Africans has been to space yet.  The Africans to reach the area so far were all white, the first one being the South African millionaire Mark Shuttleworth in 2002.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mandla Maseko’s family and loved ones.

An Obstacle – Race And Gender Equality In Sport  

One of the biggest trending topics nowadays about Caster Semenya, the South African athlete and her case with IAAF. According to the recent court decision, she now has to regulate her testosterone levels in order to be qualify to compete in international women’s athletics.

The decision was frown upon by many people people was met with an incredible amount of controversy from the critics and herself. Now, even those without the slightest interest in athletics know about her. So, let’s have a look at her life full of achievements and constant fight against IAAF.

Caster Semenya  was born on 7th January 1991 in South Africa. She has a brother and 3 sisters. She is a graduate of a University of North West and majored in sport science.

 ‘I am a woman and I am fast’~Caster Semenya

The seeds of her career were planted when she won the gold in 800 m in 2008 World Junior Championships and 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games.

The following year, she won both the 800 m and the 1500 m races in African Junior Championships, where she also improved her personal best in 800 m. It was a world record at the time. She carried her success onto the World Championships in the same year by winning gold in 800 meters.

Her suddenly escalated success along with her masculine looks raised a lot of questions about her sex. This prompted IAAF to ask her to take a sex verification test. Although the results were not completely revealed in public, it was partially leaked.

There was a strong suggestion about Semenya having an intersex trait and elevated levels of testosterone. More importantly, people believe association failed  to protect Semenya’s privacy and human rights and violation of confidentiality was heavily criticized by Africans, especially by South African politicians, activists and civic leaders.

Although IAAF’s statement was that the test was done to reassure that she wasn’t on any sort of steroids, the request for such a test was attributed to racism and sexism.

Last week after her race a reporter asked Semenya how she feels about all the negativities that’s going around, she said:

”For me you know am blessed that l’ve got such great talent and when you’re a living testimony of God. Nothing can stop you from delivering what you have been given to deliver.. those are their opinion it does not stop me from living, am a human they are human… Am not going to wast my time and focus on the negativities, am gonna enjoy my life ~Caster Semenya 

For the following eight months, she wasn’t allowed to compete in any race until the results were finalized. She was finally able to compete in two minor races in Finland, but she needed some time to reclaim her strength. During 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed in women’s 800 meter where she won the silver medal, losing against Russian athlete Mariya Savinova.

However, the World Anti-Doping Agency and The Court of Arbitration for Sport disqualified Savinova’s results which upgraded Semenya’s silver to gold. She continued winning in 2016’s South African National Olympics as well as Rio Olympics.

Although she continued to gain more and more personal records and national records, the question regarding her gender had always remained unanswered.

The controversy reached a peak when IAAF announced a new rule that required hyperandrogenous athletes to take medication to lower their testosterone levels.

Caster Semenya, however, objected this decision stating that such medications had proven to hinder her performance. She decided to legally challenge IAAF’s decision; however, the Court Arbitration of Sport rejected her cause.

Whether the decision was fair or not, it seems that the issue will remain a trending topic all over the world and cause a clash of ideas regarding racism and gender equality.

Below are some of the love and  global uproar over this issue




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Source: Africa News/South Africa News/FVV

Photo Credit: Caster Semenya


Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Leleti Khumalo, the stunning and gorgeous Actress is a year older today! Join us in wishing the Multiple-Award winning star a wonderful birthday!  




Leleti Khumalo: Sarafina Then And Now…

Check out ageless Leleti Khumalo!  South African actress Leleti Khumalo is best known for her leading roles in the feature films Sarafina! 

(1992..she starred alongside  Whoopi Goldberg) She also played the character of  Busi Dlomo on Generations as Ngubane’s.

Some of the movies the South African, Multiple-Award winning star Leleti Khumalo has starred in iconic movies such as Sarafina, Cry, the Beloved Country, Hotel Rwanda, Africa United, Yesterday, Winnie Mandela…


What’s your favourite Leleti Khumalo movies?

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Credit: Real Leleti Khumalo/South Africa News/The Closeup/Sarafina 


FBF: Check out ageless Leleti Khumalo!  South African actress Leleti Khumalo is best known for her leading roles in the feature films Sarafina! 

(1992..she starred alongside  Whoopi Goldberg) She also played the character of  Busi Dlomo on Generations as Ngubane’s.


Leleti Khumalo was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress… Sarafina… Aaaaaaw what an amazing  lady!

Leleti Khumalo


Leleti Khumalo2


Credit: Real Leleti Khumalo/South Africa News/youtube/The Closeup/Sarafina 

TBT: Last month, Daljinder Kaur a 72-Year-Old Woman In Punjab gave birth to her first child a baby a boy, Daljinder and her 79-year-old husband have been married for 46 years.

They never lost hope of ever having a child or children.


Daljinder is believed to have been receiving IVF treatment since 2003. May God grant them the strength and energy  to look after this precious gift that they have been blessed with.

The above is a brings to mind Gods promises on having a baby….

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, And to be a joyful mother of children….Children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward…



Other women who have had babies in their old age are: Malegwale Ramokgopa a South African who allegedly gave birth twins her to her 25th and 25th child, three days after her 92nd birthday in  1939 she was then believed to be the oldest mother in the world. However, Italian Anatolia Vertadella is now the world oldest mother she gave birth at the age of 101…

South African Hip hop ICON Jabulani Tsambo has passed away at the age of 38, HHP, he was born September 14, 1980 in Pretoria… Everybody is devastated by HHP’s death

According to South African News, HHP’s wife former reality TV star and socialite Lerato Sengadi confirmed

Yes, yes, it’s true. I am with the family at the moment,” said a traumatised Sengadi”

Details surrounding the cause of death remained unknown, Jabulani Tsambo has previously spoken out about his battle with depression  multiple suicide attempts. No one knows the actual cause of death…

HHP will be remembered for being one of the pioneers of Mostwako music and one of the rappers who made Hip-Hop cool in Mzansi.
Full details about HHP’s funeral will be released in due course

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family🙏

Fellow African Celebs have taken to their social media handles to express their shock and grief




‘When an elder dies a village loses its library’ – African Proverb 

Today would have been Nelson Mandela his 100th birthday!

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born into the Madiba clan in the village of Mvezo, Transkei. Nelson Mandela  was born on 18 July 1918, he would have been a year older today!

Nelson Mandela personifies struggle. He lead the fight against apartheid with extraordinary vigour and resilience after spending nearly three decades of his life behind bars. He sacrificed his private life and his youth for his people, and remains South Africa’s best known and loved hero.


Photo Credit: P.M

Mandela held numerous positions in the ANC: ANCYL secretary (1948); ANCYL president (1950); ANC Transvaal president (1952); deputy national president (1952) and ANC president (1991).

His father, Henry Mgadla Mandela, was chief councillor to Thembuland’s acting paramount chief David Dalindyebo. When his father died, Mandela became the chief’s ward and was groomed for the chieftainship.

Mandela matriculated at Healdtown Methodist Boarding School and then started a BA degree at Fort Hare. As an SRC member he participated in a student strike and was expelled, along with the late Oliver Tambo, in 1940. He completed his degree by correspondence from Johannesburg, did articles of clerkship and enrolled for an LLB at the University of the Witwatersrand.

In 1944 he helped found the ANC Youth League, whose Programme of Action was adopted by the ANC in 1949.

Mandela was elected national volunteer-in-chief of the 1952 Defiance Campaign. He travelled the country organising resistance to discriminatory legislation.

He was given a suspended sentence for his part in the campaign. Shortly afterwards a banning order confined him to Johannesburg for six months. During this period he formulated the “M Plan”, in terms of which ANC branches were broken down into underground cells.

By 1952 Mandela and Tambo had opened the first black legal firm in the country, and Mandela was both Transvaal president of the ANC and deputy national president.

A petition by the Transvaal Law Society to strike Mandela off the roll of attorneys was refused by the Supreme Court.

In the ‘fifties, after being forced through constant bannings to resign officially from the ANC, Mandela analysed the Bantustan policy as a political swindle. He predicted mass removals, political persecutions and police terror.

For the second half of the ‘fifties, he was one of the accused in the Treason Trial. With Duma Nokwe, he conducted the defence.

When the ANC was banned after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, he was detained until 1961 when he went underground to lead a campaign for a new national convention….


In 1962 Mandela left the country for military training in Algeria and to arrange training for other MK members.

On his return he was arrested for leaving the country illegally and for incitement to strike. He conducted his own defence. He was convicted and jailed for five years in November 1962. While serving his sentence, he was charged, in the Rivonia trial, with sabotage and sentenced to life imprisonment.

A decade before being imprisoned, Mandela had spoken out against the introduction of Bantu Education, recommending that community activists “make every home, every shack or rickety structure a centre of learning”.

Robben Island, where he was imprisoned, became a centre for learning, and Mandela was a central figure in the organised political education classes.

In prison Mandela never compromised his political principles and was always a source of strength for the other prisoners.

During the ‘seventies he refused the offer of a remission of sentence if he recognised Transkei and settled there.

In the ‘eighties he again rejected PW Botha’s offer of freedom if he renounced violence.

It is significant that shortly after his release on Sunday 11 February 1990, Mandela and his delegation agreed to the suspension of armed struggle.

Mandela has been awarded honorary degrees from more than 50 international universities and is chancellor of the University of the North.

He was inaugurated as the first democratically elected State President of South Africa on 10 May 1994 – June 1999

Nelson Mandela retired from Public life in June 1999. He died on 5 December 2013 at his home in Houghton..

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Credit: Nelson Mandela/World News/Ghana Education