US Travel Restrictions: Travelling to USA? Today, The Trump administration put new requirements in place for the 38 countries that are eligible for visa free entry into America under the Visa Waiver Program.(VWP)

Currently the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to America as a tourist/business/transit and stay for 90 days without a visa. However, It is recommended that, people apply for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) prior to visiting to America. Because the e-passport had an embedded electronic chip, it makes it easier for immigration/customs to identify travellers.

With the announcement today, there’s going to be more requirements for Visa Waiver Countries Visiting America any time soon, counter-terrorism data to used to screen travellers…

 ‘Restrictions are necessary for security reasons’~ President Donald Trump

Visa Waiver Countries:


9/25/2017:US Travel Restrictions: President Trump Announces New Travel Ban…

Trump Travel Ban Update: President Trump’s new travel ban will no longer affect citizens from Sudan. Countries affected by the new travel restrictions are: Somalia, Syria, Libya,Yemen, North Korea,Venezuela, Chad and Iran.

The ban takes effect from 18th October 2017

We Travel Not to Escape Life But For Life Not to Escape Us

MARCH 7th 2017: Immigration And refugees: President Trump’s new travel ban goes into effect in 10 days… Unlike the previous travel ban, the new travel ban which takes effect on 16th March 2017 excludes Iraq.

The 6 countries that will be affected by the new executive orders with their citizens being denied visas to the US are:

Syria (Refugee program will be suspended for 120 days )





and Somalia

President Trump’s new temporary travel ban will not affect those people who already have a visa.

The refugee program will be suspended for 120 days

Most undocumented or illegal immigrants in America are also worried that the ban will not only affect the above mentioned countries, but they might also face deportation…


The 3 African countries are: Libya, Chad and Somalia

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Hon Haruna IddrisuGhana has been ranked the 4th most preferred investment destination on the African continent by US based economic advisory firm, Frontiers Strategy Group.     The other three countries were Angola, Kenya and Nigeria.    The group said investment interest in the Ghanaian economy by multinationals stood at 18.73 per cent.

Angola was rated third preferred investment economy by the multinationals, with 21.9 while that of Kenya stood at 23.17 per cent. Nigeria led the continent with 29.57 per cent, according to a report entitled “Frontier Market Sentiment Index”, issued by the Wall Street Journal.     According to the report, 11 African countries were surveyed by multinational companies, which included European and American firms.     It quoted Mr Matt Lasov, Global Head of Advisory and Analytics of the U.S. firm as saying, “we collect data about which countries the companies are watching for potential future investment.     “Over time, that gives us a clear picture of their market priorities; which countries they are including in their future plans and which they are dropping.’’     The report said that security situation in Nigeria and Kenya was least considered by the multinationals in their preference for both countries as top business destinations in Africa.

JohnDramaniMahama a. gyanJohn Dramani Mahama says the country expects its soccer players to give everything and “die a little” for the team at the World Cup. Mahama asked for the commitment at a farewell dinner for the squad on Thursday “we expect you to die a little for your country…..We respect our opponents but we don’t fear them.”  The team leaves  Ghana on Saturday to play warm-up matches in Europe and the U.S. Ghana’s first match in #Brazil is against the Americans on June 16 in Natal
We are excited about the World Cup, are you?