La Gata ‘The Stray Cat’ another exciting  Mexican telenovela series. La Gata was produced by Nathalie Lartilleux. 

La Gata ‘The Stray Cat’ is set in the outskirts of Mexico City in Bordo DE Xochiaca and is a  story about a young girl name Esmeralda who is always dirty and dishelved like a stray cat ( known in spanish as una Gata). Esmeralda a  girl aged 12, grew up without her parents and even though she didn’t have a lot she was happy with the little that she had.

Esmeralda was raised by a woman named Dona Rita, who exploited her by making her beg fro alms and sell… She meets a young society rich boy who helps her to read and write, but his mother opposes his friendship with Esmeralda, The stray cat…Seven years later, Esmeralda grows into a beautiful young lady, she starts looking for work … Pablo’s love for the stray cat increases but his parents still opposes…

Will Pablo look elsewhere for Love, or  will he disobey his parents?.. Enjoy this captivating series..

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Credit: La Gata