Theresa May is one of the most inspiring figures for women in the UK alongside Elizabeth II. Let’s talk about her life from early childhood years.

Theresa May was born on 1 October 1956 in Sussex to Zaidee Mary and Hubert Brasier who was a priest at the Church of England. Both of her parents died in 1981 (Braiser) and 1982 (Mary).

She changed a lot of schools for primary education due to her father’s relocations. She graduated with a BA degree of class 2. During her university years, she used to work at a bakery although she used to mention her future hopes and plans to become a prime minister.

Her entry into politics was in 1997 when she became a member of parliament for Conservative Party that her mother also used to support when she was young.  This was when David Cameron became the prime minister.

As a home secretary

She tightened and regulated the immigration policies with the aim of decreasing the net migration. During that time, Muslim preachers like Zakir Naik were banned from entering the country. Being critical of the police forces, she aimed to bring reforms to the existing security measures. She was against police violence, especially the use of weapons like water cannons during the England Riots in 2011.

Because she previously voted against the adoption rights for homosexuals, this was met with criticism, but she apparently changed her mind during the 2010s and became more supportive of LGBTQ rights. She also supported the Equality Act 2010 to implement anti-discrimination.


During the following year, she was subjected to a no vote of confidence by the House of Commons, but she managed to get the sufficient votes. In late 2018 and early 2019, she presented a mutual agreement proposal between the EU and the UK about the transition period for the UK to part ways with the EU.

This agreement was voted down subsequently by the Parliament despite revisions. After the fourth defeat, On May the 24th, she confirmed  her last day in office will be mid June

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Cover Photo Credit: Theresa May (Instagram)

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