Ghana is fast becoming a Mecca for black Americans who are looking for profitable opportunities in a new environment. According to recent reports, about 10,000 African-Americans visit Ghana yearly.

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Presently, almost 3,000 American Blacks reside in the Capital, Accra, the major hub of Ghana. About 6 years ago, there were only 1,000 African-Americans expatriates living in Ghana, but currently the numbers are rising steadily. One will be amazed at what is attracting these people. The fact remains that, the nation has consistently enjoyed a peaceful political climate without many threats of internal or external strife since it gained independence from the British in 1957. Ghana’s temperate weather also makes it an attractive choice. The pristine beaches, affordable living and a sense of spiritual calm that permeates the landscape makes Ghana an attractive alternative to the proverbial American ”rat race”.

  Most companies within Ghana are eager to recruit foreign applicants, however there is the availability of employment opportunities in the country. Most African-Americans that reside in Accra are entrepreneurs. Teaching is another highly desirable profession. However, there are many supports extended to foreign pupils and the qualified staff who instruct them. Living in Ghana, you do not have to be a millionaire in order to live a decent life. Ghana has managed to take advantage of global opportunities which has helped the country to obtain a level of stability and is the perfect choice if you are looking to experience living in Africa.

Visiting Africa soon? Why not visit Ghana, did you know that Ghana has lots Castles and forts?