TBT: The Secret To Grow The World’s Longest Hair. Meet the Women of the Red Yao Tribe from the ancient Chinese village of Huangluo.

Huangluo village is popularly known as village of Rapunzels or Long Hair Village.


According to reports, Yao women are allowed to cut their hair once in a lifetime and that is just before they get married.

It is also believed that the first Yao women see any sign of white or grey hair is when they turn 80+.

The secret of the black and long hairs of Red Yao women’s hair is using their local rice water or fermented rice water to wash their hair. 

The perfect way to use rice water to grow hair is to rinse your hair with it after a wash.

Next time you wash your rice don’t throw away the that dull white liquid you might think about using that rice water to wash your hair!

Rice water is known to have many benefits. According researchers, rice water contains vitamins B, C, and E which is aids hair growth. Also the presence of amino acids in rice water helps in the restoration of hair, thus  aiding faster and healthy growth of your hair. 

Most women Huangluo village have hair all the way to their feet, as long as 7 ft’ long in The longest hair in the village is seven feet long.

Check out other women with longest hair in the world, some have even made it to the Guinness World Record

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World’s Longest Hair – Chenq Shiquin Credit: Pinterest

Rice water has many benefits for the hair such as strengthening and adding a very natural shine to your hair

Olive oil is also very good and a healthy hair growth oil. It is very popular and has several benefits which include: hair growth, prevention of dandruff and preventing breakages. (Some our team members  have tried the rice water wash as well as Olive oil Does work for us. Our hair though looks and feels very healthy and long is NOWHERE near the waist left alone the knee now feet 😃😃.  Let’s look at the bright side, is better to have shoulder level hair that is healthy.


Other highly praised hair products includes:

  • Shea butter (we love using the one from Ghana)
  • Mizani 25 Miracle Milk
  • Olive oil products
  • Aveda Be Curly
  • Coconut oil
  • Lush Sunny Day
  • Mahogany Naturals
  • T444Z
  • Blue magic Coconut oil
  • Cantu products
  • Juiced ginger or ginger root oil….

Guinness world record holder longest dreadlocks, Asha Mandela 



Meet the 16-year-old Nilanshi Patel, The Teenage Girl Whose 6ft” has Set a Guinness World Record


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Friends call her Rapunzel – Nilanshi Patel has been growing her hair since she was six years old following a bad experience at the hairdressers 💇🏽‍♀️ The 16-year-old from Gujarat, India, has set a new record for the longest hair on a teenager, with lengthy locks that measure 170.5 cm (5 ft 7 in). "I got my hair cut, a really bad haircut. So, then I decided that I won’t cut my hair. I decided that when I was six and have not cut it since," she explained. Nilanshi recently appeared on a brand-new TV series of record breaking, La Notte dei Record (The Night of Records) on Italy's @tv8it. "People think that I face so many problems with my hair, but I don't face any problems, I do sports and all the things with my hair. It's a lucky charm for me!" "I style it is as a long braid or as a bun on the top of my head. When I am going to an occasion, or when I am playing table tennis, I bun my hair on my head so that it is comfortable for me." ___________________________________________________ #longhair #hair #hairstyles #lanottedeirecord #guinnessworldrecords #officiallyamazing #longhairstyles #longhairdontcare #rapunzel

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Meet Aliia Nasyrova, a native of Latvia, Real life Rapunzel

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Сейчас я открою тебе большую тайну. Интернет пестрит советами о необходимости правильного а, ГЛАВНОЕ(!!!), комплексного очищения кожи головы. Без сомнения, очищать кожу головы можно и нужно. Но на самом ли деле для этого нашим волосам жизненно необходимы тоники, скрабы и пилинги, которые стали так популярны в последнее время? Мои бабушки и прабабушки обладали здоровыми волосами, но они знать не знали , что голову можно мыть чем- то, кроме хозяйственного мыла, домашнего кефира и яичного желтка. Какие уж там пилинги. Я никого не призываю отказываться от шампуней и других потрясающихся изобретений косметической промышленности, а просто предлагаю не потреблять все подряд , что советует нам реклама. Уход за волосами, безусловно , необходим. Но красивые и здоровые волосы реально вырастить , обладая всего лишь огромным желанием и терпением , без особых финансовых затрат . Уж я-то это точно знаю! Я не очищаю кожу головы ничем, кроме шампуня, и он со своей задачей, по моему мнению, отлично справляется . Есть среди вас такие же реалисты как я , которые не доверяют рекламе? #волосы #длинныеволосы #hairstyle #instahair #hair #haircolor #haircolorideas #longhair #haare #haarefärben #cabedelo #growhair

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Xie Qiuping of China was 2004 Guinness World Record with hair as long as 18 feet long


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*Disclaimer* This works for us you can try as well. Seek professional medical advice if you want to the rice water or olive oil.


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