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What is your best African inspired fashion…What does fashion mean to you? Check out the latest African prints in fashion by Twena Fashion...

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”People will stare, make it worth their while!”


Twena Fashions was founded by Christina Harvey-Ewusi a renowned Ghanaian fashion and creative designer-based in the United States. Twena Fashions is a remarkable fashion industry making airwaves globally in the fashion world.

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They Specialise in African wear using authentic rooted African fabric.


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African-fashions-latest-collection-African-celebs-With its unique blend of subtle African cultural oriented theme and artistic masterpiece, products from Twena fashions is distinctly classy. Their rich crispy catchy colours, exclusive cut and style has been the toast of many fashion and catwalk lovers….seen any style you like visit or simply call 862-881-9582…
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