Celebrities catch a lot of slack for shamelessly showing off their wealth… Celebs who give back big time to the community through their Founded Charities needs to be applauded.

Popular Ghanaian singer and actress Becca, is one of the celebs who gives back to the community through her foundation (Becca Hearts Foundation)

Becca Hearts Foundation educates girls in Ghana about female hygiene, especially how to look after themselves during their menstrual CYCLE.

Becca Hearts Foundation is in partnership with Touching the Lives of Girls Foundation International (TLGFI), Ghana ministry of education and Zylofon Media.  Becca

The internationally recognised star recently brought 3 schools together to educate them on  safe practices during their monthly menstrual cycle as well as their future career advice

Below are some of the photos from the events


Becca’s rescue organisation aims at raising funds to help promote the awareness of children affected by HIV AIDS as well as imprisoned children in Ghana and hopes to go beyond Africa and around the world. 


Becca is an award-winning singer and actress:  After several years abroad She returned back to Ghana where her undisputed talent was discovered by a trailblazing record label E K B records who signed her on and proceeded to work. Her first single “you lied to me” was released in August 2007 and was followed by the release of her debut album “Sugar” which was lunched in November of the same year. Her style of music and dressing is influenced by her surrounding and up bringing as an African. 

Becca’s videos attracts great views on Youtube. Her videos views are between 1 to 3 million plus with a WEEK!  ‘Me Ni Waa’  which is less than a month has almost 3 million views on Youtube and ‘Na Wash’ is getting to 6 million views on Youtube. We can comfortably say Becca is a History Maker!

We love all her music! What’s your favourite Becca songs?

Keep up the good work Becca! 

 Credit: Becca

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